Today I visited Estate Sale by Katherine and Estate Sale by Nancy and had a blast finding treasures!  I got to Katherine’s Estate Sale at around 9:40 and ended up being second in line. By the time 10:00 came around, the line was almost to the street! The weather was the best we’ve had so far this year, so it seemed like everyone was out and about. The house was absolutely packed with people, but I still made some great finds. I’ll share the highlights.  First of all, I found this awesome drum table, which I’ll be taking to my booth at Jenifer’s. Drum tables with a drawer seem to be a hot items, so I always pick them up when I find them for a good price.

I also found these super cool atomizers. I rarely ever see atomizers when I’m out junking, so I was excited to find them. Many people collect perfume bottles, so these will be a great addition to my Jenifer’s inventory.

Here’s something else you don’t find every day: A lovely antique child’s dress. It’s in wonderful condition for its age: It’s a crisp white with minimal flaws in the lace. My guess is that it’s from the early 1900’s. Love that lace along the bottom!

While in line before Katherine’s Estate Sale, I talked with a nice man who said there was an estate sale in Little Rock (We were in North Little Rock), so after visiting Katherine’s, I set out to find this sale. I thought the man said the sale was near Bowman Street, so I called my mom to check the Democrat Gazette to help me figure out the address. None of the addresses she saw were near Bowman, so I plugged a Bowman Street address in my GPS and tried to find it anyway. I was thrilled to find out during my phone call that Nancy was having a sale in Little Rock. After driving from one end of Bowman Street to the other, I gave up on the mystery estate sale and made my way to Nancy’s. I found a couple other items that typically sell quickly: Metal storage cabinets.

Check out the cool bird stickers that were applied to one of the cabinets years ago:

I usually find these in the garages of estate sale homes, as was the case with these two. They are the perfect solution for hiding clutter in the garage. And in my opinion, they beat today’s plastic or pressed wood cabinets in both stability and style (Gotta love those retro handles!). I’ll be taking them to my flea market booth at Do Drop In in Beebe, Arkansas along with this retro red formica top table that I recently got from someone off of Craigslist. Too bad I don’t have any neat chairs to go with it!

The table top’s red was a little faded, so to freshen up the color I applied a couple coats of clear glaze. It really made a difference! The sun was out and the day was much warmer than it has been, so I spent the afternoon outside enjoying the great weather and cleaning up the metal cabinets and table, preparing them for Do Drop In. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll drop these off at the booth and get ready for another week. 🙂

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