Meet Smiley & Pucker

Last Tuesday I spent a couple hours at the GoodStuff Auction.  John Williams signed up for the Antique Alley Antique Show, so I decided to visit his auction to put some antique show promo cards at his auction house and maybe buy some goodies.  I looked at the auction photos before the auction and discovered what I really wanted to bid on:

I saw the two mannequins at the last GoodStuff auction I went to and was really disappointed that they didn’t auction them off.  For this auction they did!  Then the mannequins went for $70 each and I decided I didn’t need them so bad. 🙂

So I got online when I got home and found them for better prices, bought them, and got them in today.  They are even neater than I originally thought!  Each mannequin’s ears are pierced. This means they can display hats, earrings, and necklaces!  Their eyelashes are like doll eyelashes too.

I don’t have any cool vintage jewelry, so I found some fun Avon pieces to display.  Smiley looks so thrilled to be wearing them — I think she’s a great salesperson!  Who needs a demure model when you can use one who is happy regardless of what she wears?! 😛

I did find a fun vintage hat for Pucker to wear.  Her hair is spikey and holds up her oversized hat. 

Now I’ve got to find some fun antique/vintage jewelry for these ladies to wear so I can take them to my booths.  You can expect to see them at Jenifer’s Antiques, Crystal Hill, and Do Drop In soon!  If they last long enough, they’ll make an appearance at the antique show too. 🙂

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