And welcome to my blog about my addiction: Antiques and collectibles!!  Every week I check multiple websites and the paper to find out if any estate sales or auctions will be occuring that week in the central Arkansas area.  I never seem to catch the announcements in time to ask off work to go to these sales, so with the cooperation of the auctioneers and estate sale representatives, I will be putting this information together on a weekly basis using blog posts and emails.

A few estate sale reps won’t list the location of the estate sale until the day of the sale for fear that the hosting house will get broken into prior to the sale. I don’t get the paper, so I have never tried to get to these sales early. I’m hoping to work with these estate sale representatives to get the information out earlier, even if it’s a street name without the actual address.

I also hope to help the estate sale companies without an online presence to hop on board. There’s nothing like the thrill of seeing photos of items days before the sale and prioritizing which item to find first when I walk through the door.

Yes, I’m addicted to junking. 🙂 But so are the other ~15 people that stand in line with me before Katherine’s Estate Sales!  Katherine always sends out an email the Tuesday before her sales that start on Thursdays. I try to get there 30 minutes early and I’m never the first one there!!

Why do I get to estate sales early? To get the good stuff!! I’m an antique dealer and I also sell on eBay. With this recession going on, only the best items sell for the most $$ — plus it’s fun to find super rare collectibles! Stay tuned as I not only post upcoming estate sales and auctions, but as I show off the items I find and what I do with them! 🙂

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