Estate Sale / Garage Sale Junkie T-SHIRTS!

Ever since Caleb put the idea in my head to design estate sale t-shirts, I’ve been day-dreaming about creating adorable shirts with witty adages that even the infrequent estate sale goer would fall in love with. I assumed there would be plenty of t-shirts out there to appease the garage sale goer, but what about us special estate sale addicts… or junkies? 🙂  I’ve never seen an estate sale addict shirt so I set out to create the perfect Estate Sale Junkie t-shirt.

Just in case the garage sale junkies feel left out, I also created Garage Sale Junkies logos in the same design.  I’ve ordered the yellow Estate Sale Junkie shirt, so you guys don’t be too jealous if you see me out junkin’ in my cool new shirt! I’m also thinking about ordering one for Mother’s day since my mom is a junkoholic too… hey, that may be another t-shirt design: Junkoholic!

The one thing I love about Zazzle so far is that these designs can go on anything from mugs, mouse pads, totes, and even shoes! They have a nice selection of sizes for each of the shirts and they even warn you if the shirt sizes run small in a particular shirt style. There are plenty of colors to choose from too. 

Please check out my estate sale and garage sale junkie t-shirts at my Zazzle Store. You can get a better look if you “Enlarge” the photo or go to my store.

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