Show and Tell Friday: Cat Figurine Collection, featuring Allie Cat

For Show and Tell Friday this week, I would like to show my cat figurine collection and tell about Allie, my gorgeous yet cantankerous, spoiled rotten cat. 🙂

Above is my cat figurine collection that I keep in my kitchen window. I have a special place in my heart for cats, so I buy just about every well-priced cat figurine that I find. I don’t actually keep that Christmas one on the far right in the window, but I had it handy since I bought it a couple weeks ago at Roy Dudley’s estate sale, so I added it in the group for today.

I picked up the above miniatures from the local humane society’s thrift store. That Siamese in the middle-back looks so sassy, which totally fits the typical Siamese temperament!

The cat planter above reminds me of my Allie cat because of its markings and the excited I’m-about-to-get-into-something face.

Allie is an absolute busy-body, always into something, but as independent as she is, I wonder if she remembers the first few weeks of her life… She’s lucky to be alive!

God gave me Allie on my birthday, June 16, 2008 – the perfect birthday gift! The only thing is that she was 2 weeks old and abandoned by her mother.  Caleb and I had been outside taking photos of me with my new motorcycle.  I kept hearing a meowing, but it didn’t sound like a kitten, so I didn’t think anything about it.

A few hours later, I went back outside to get something out of my truck and heard the loud meowing again.  I traced the meowing to underneath my neighbor’s home and shined my flashlight on a tiny bundle of gray fur, meowing at the top of its lungs.

I pulled her out and took her inside. She was so gross — her eyes were matted shut and she was muddy. I had no idea what to feed her, so I looked it up.  Wal-Mart has a Milk Replacer liquid for kittens that has good reviews, so I immediately left and bought some.

The reason I was feeding her that way in the photo is that if a kitten is on its back while feeding, the milk will go in its lungs and cause pneumonia or drowning. The way I was able to tell if the milk was going “down the wrong tube” was if milk bubbled out of her nose while she sucked the bottle. This only happened once and thank goodness didn’t cause any problems!

The first night was not any fun. After being fed, cleaned, and warmed up, she quietened down until bedtime. But then she refused to be quiet in her box! The only way she would hush is if she laid beside me in bed, so I pretty much had a sleepless night worrying about rolling over on her.

I was an absolute wreck the first few days I had her – she wasn’t in great condition and I couldn’t stand the thoughts of her dying on my watch. I found recipes (tea mixtures, etc) to clean out her eyes, but they would gunk back up again.  She also had diarrhea from her change in diet, which meant she could dehydrate and ultimately die.  I took her to the vet, and $62 later, I had a brand new Allie.  Her eyes never gunked up again and we didn’t have any more dehydration problems. The vet declared her about 2-3 weeks old when I brought her in.
You can just see the evil in her face! 🙂

Allie is almost 2 years old now. She and I had a “photo shoot” a couple weeks ago, but I couldn’t get her to cooperate. She wouldn’t sit still and was a total pain, but I got a few decent photos of her:

Look at that attitude! ^

2 thoughts on “Show and Tell Friday: Cat Figurine Collection, featuring Allie Cat”

  1. Your figurines are stinkin’ cute.I myself have a rotten attitude of a cat.The vintage collection of yours is so awesome.Thanks so much for sharing with us cat lovers.

  2. Thanks! Rotten cats are the best in my opinion..they are all about getting attention — of course, only when they want attention — and that’s when the laughs begin! 🙂

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