Show & Tell Friday: Fenton Silver Crest Collection

For Show and Tell Friday this week I would like to show off my Fenton Silver Crest collection. I love how formal it looks with its subtle details. My collection includes an epergne, 2 cake plates, rose bowl, and 2 compotes.

Fenton produced Silver Crest in 1942 and created different colored crests until the 1980’s.

I’ve picked up most of these pieces at estate sales and auctions throughout the years. The beautiful cake plate with “Spanish Lace” design was given to me as a wedding present from Jenifer, owner of Jenifer’s Antiques. Jenifer caught me oogling over it in her booth one day and rightly assumed I would love to have it! 🙂

I have another cake plate just like it that doesn’t have the Spanish Lace, so I decided to just show one of them.

I’ve wondered if I could stack the small compote on top of the cake plate to make a fancy chip and dip or other tiered server if I was brave enough to use these for entertaining:

One of the reasons you’ll see me at estate sales 30 minutes early waiting in line is for finds like the one below. I got this beautiful epergne (pronounced “eh-purn”) at half price from Estate Sale by Katherine a couple years ago.

My understanding is that epergnes are supposed to be centerpieces for holding fruit or flowers. I’ve never seen one decked out before, but I bet it looks neat! The epergne seems so fragile that I’d never feel comfortable putting much in those trumpets – they make me uneasy as they are!

I keep my collection of Silver Crest in my china cabinet with my Bavaria Blue Garland dishes and other neat pieces I’ve picked up while junking:

I have the whole set of Blue Garland dishes, so you can expect them to be a topic in a future Show and Tell Friday. 🙂

Happy Friday to everyone! And Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all you moms!!

3 thoughts on “Show & Tell Friday: Fenton Silver Crest Collection”

  1. I’ve wondered if I could stack the small compote on top of the cake plate to make a fancy chip and dip or other tiered server if I was brave enough to use these for entertaining:

    Asheley Honey,

    *Be BRAVE — Stack the two pieces! Scared your slob friends will knock one off and break it? You can always use a thin rope of florist clay to ‘stick’ the small-top-piece to the surface of the cake-stand. Just cover the florist clay with some specially arranged food: stick some silk flowers into the clay; pipe some icing over the clay; etc…

    **My overly-brave pal occasionally drops a blob of electric glue on such pieces to make them stay stuck together. (The extreme heat /of the glue/ on glass makes me shake-with-fear at the thought!) The pieces can be popped apart by the flick of a fingernail later.

    ***You could also add Elmer’s Glue to the bottomof the little-piece. Let it dry. USE. When the party is over, just soak the two pieces in very warm water. The glue will dissolve and you will have two pieces again!

    BE BRAVE, COURAGES & BOLD – and long may your story be told.

  2. Thanks! Those are great suggestions! I thought about using some florist clay to stick them together. If I ever have the occasion to use the pieces, I’ll definitely try one of those! 🙂

  3. I live in Malaysia and years ago, when my children are young, I used to have my holiday in the States and I fell in love with Fentons. I collect the baskets in many colors and also the Silver Crests. I love the Banana Boats for its beauty and also the cake plates and stands. I have many compotes and I enjoy looking at them. Sadly, I have not met anyone here who collects Fentons.
    Just looking at your collections and getting nostalgic about my antiquing in the US.

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