Show & Tell Friday: Estate Sale Findings

For Show and Tell Friday this week, I’d like to show off my estate sale finds from last Saturday’s junkin’ adventure.  I wanted to sleep in, so I only went to two estate sales, but I had plenty of finds between Estate Sale by June and Estate Sale by Bette Bogart.

Bette Bogart’s sale was in a gorgeous home full of wonderful goodies. I started my shopping in the garage, where I found lots of great Christmas decor. My favorite find in the garage was this nativity:

This time of year is the best time to find Christmas goodies at a great price. This nativity was a great find because it’s an old chalk-ware set that was made in Japan. It’s lighted and has a music box in the side, which is an added bonus!

Next I found this interesting shoe shining box. I’ve never seen one with a more feminine look. The lid opens to give way for storage of shoe shining tools.  This will look great once I touch it up with some paint!

Next I found this Victorian artwork in a gorgeous frame.

And this neat green fiddle bottle. Mom collects them so I’m always on the lookout:

The next mosaics show a few other odds and ends I found. The top left is a flower frog, the top right is an adorable embroidered baby bib, the bottom left is a neat vase, and the bottom right is an embroidered handkerchief.  I found the handkerchief at Estate Sale by June and the rest at Bette Bogart’s:

The last mosaic shows some of my other finds. I found that neat stamp (bottom left) for pricing items at Bette Bogart’s along with that 8 piece Hospitality set by Federal Glass. The neat thing about the snack set is that it’s still in its original box!

I actually found the top three items at the Saugey’s auction I went to around a month ago.  The bowls on the top left are Dartmouth pottery and really crack me up.  I believe the one on the left says “Du ee ave gum” and the right one says “Er es some jam for’ee”.  The plate on the right is Torquay pottery and says “Go aisy wi’ it now” or maybe “Go ausy w’ it now”? I’m not sure, but I love how they added their accent to the phrases that were put on the pottery.

This concludes my finds for the week.  I’m still looking for some information on Robin’s antique concrete statues, so if you know anything, please let us know with a comment!

5 thoughts on “Show & Tell Friday: Estate Sale Findings”

  1. Hi, first of all…I love, love, love your header…too cute! scored big time on your finds…that nativity set is gorgeous and the frame is a steal!!! I’ve become a follower…


  2. Thanks, Sylvia! I actually got that header at I plan to create an original logo soon, but the one I have is so cute that I’m not in any hurry. 🙂 Thanks for becoming a follower — I’m out junking almost every weekend so I never know what I’ll find, which makes it even more fun to share about the good stuff! 🙂

  3. Crystal, yes, I do love great finds! I almost always find something unique when I go out estate sale junking, which is almost weekly! It’s addicting! 🙂

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