Mar 282010

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I had never been to a Pinnacle Auction, but decided to give them a try when I looked through over 200 photos of the intriguing items to be auctioned off on their website. They were amazing! The selection of furniture was incredible: Wardrobes, bachelor chests, triple-mirror dressers, chest of drawers, buffets, and more! The slide-show above is just a small sampling of the awesomeness I witnessed. There were over 400 items auctioned.

Caleb and I arrived at the auction house on Asher Avenue in Little Rock at around 5:30 so we could give the items a good look-over. The auction started at 6:00. Once I realized everything was going for a good price (if things were selling too high, I wouldn’t waste my time staying), Caleb ordered food from Louis & Edna’s Mobil Grill outside the auction house. Caleb had fish and fries while I had chicken and fries – It was good! It was fun to have dinner-and-an-auction. 🙂

To auction off all 400+ items, we were there past 11:00PM — and we left early. I think they finished around 11:30. I left with around 5 boxes of super cool items. I bought a few lots of Quimper dishes for great prices, so the profit from them alone should pay for what I spent at the auction. I also picked up a WWII rifle cleaning kit that had an unused bullet inside.  Another WWII item I got was a German field heater. I won some nice Blue Willow dishes; some from Occupied Japan, England, China, and probably from the U.S. too. I was thrilled to win some yellow Le Creuset serving dishes that will look wonderful in my kitchen. I also picked up some Torquay pieces, an Old Mill platter, a Delft jar, a Hall batter bowl, a Desert Rose baking dish, and more!

I had a great time. If I needed more furniture for my booths right now I could have had a hay-day buying from their amazing selection. This auction was great for both individual buyers and antique dealers alike!

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