Shabby Chic Saturday

Man, where did the week go?? I aim each week to do posts between the previous week’s estate sale list and this week’s estate sale list. Apparently this week has gotten away from me, so this week my “divider” post is a little late. 🙂

I had a quite a few pretty finds last weekend that I would put in the Shabby Chic category.  I absolutely loved browsing through the items in the Sale by Nancy sale. It took place in a gorgeous home in the Governor’s Mansion Historic District in Little Rock. Click on the photo below to see a short slideshow of the house. I got the photos from Crye-Leike’s site that has the house posted for sale:

The first thing I found was the pretty blue nappy below. I was blown away by how low the price was on it. I started to doubt my “awesomeness radar” a little because awesome things typically have awesome price tags.

I started doubting myself more when a lady asked me if the piece was made by Avon! My first thought was No, no, no, this can’t be Avon.. I’ve got this pegged as Westmoreland, Mosser, or something from that era! The lady continued that it looked like the same type of glass that Avon made those little bowl and pitcher sets from, and I started to agree with her, but still felt this was a little better than Avon.

Writing about Avon reminds me of one of my favorite auctioneers, Mr. Daly from Daly Auctions. I haven’t been to one of his auctions since my college days (~5 years) when I used to go to just about every auction he had. Every time we’d come across a collection of Avon glass (Cape Code, etc), he’d call it “that rare Nova glass” (Avon spelled backwards). It always cracked me up.

Ends up my “awesomeness radar” is still good — this is a Fenton piece!  There’s just something about how a quality piece is made. Glad my radar didn’t let me down!

I also got this glass ladle. These are hard to find since most ladles these days are plastic.

There were 12 of these Candlewick sherbets. I should have bought them all, but my hands were full and never got back to them to get the rest.

After Sale by Nancy I went to Burchfield’s Estate Sale. He has great prices on things also! I got this awesome large platter:

I also really like this oil lamp.  I love oil lamps, but man, spill that kerosene out and you’ve got a stinky mess!

This concludes my Shabby Chic finds for last weekend.  I put the ornaments that I purchased from the last Sale by Nancy on eBay Monday night, and that Hallmark Cardinal ornament’s bids are going out of this world already! At this very moment, it’s at $53 with 53 watchers! Ridiculous, but I’ll take it for sure!! 🙂

I will do my best to get the Estate Sales for this week post up today.  If you would like to receive the information sooner every week, feel free to subscribe to my weekly newsletter!

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