Flea Marketing on President’s Day

As of this year, Acxiom lets us have President’s Day as a paid holiday, so I took total advantage! Mom and I haven’t gone junkin’ together in forever, so we took this time to hit up a couple of our favorite shops in Cabot: Dolly’s Flea Market and Grandma’s Collectibles. 

Dolly’s Flea Market is a newer shop to Cabot. I have been hearing great things about Dolly’s and understood exactly why as I walked in. Glass display countertops, full of wonderful glassware, are on both sides of the door as you walk in the shop.

I don’t find slag glass hens very often. Dolly’s has a small collection! They also had quite a few Camark, McCoy, Hummel, Amethyst, and other fine pieces too!

Once I moved on from drooling over the great glass I came across this awesome buffet. Very unique!

One booth was filled with cool old furniture. Below is just a small sampling of the booth:
One of my favorite booths had shelves of old cookie jars and pottery items that you don’t see everyday. Love the owl lamp on the top shelf!

Mom and I found lots of treasures. We then realized we had better go if we wanted to have plenty of time to shop Grandma’s Collectibles.

Grandma’s has been one of our favorite shops for years. I don’t know that I’ve ever gone there and not left without a treasure! Below are a few of my favorite booths:

The first booth I stopped to take photos in always has really neat things. I was totally admiring these fun dishes:

Another favorite booth around the corner is jam-packed full of old goodies. You know there are some treasures in there!

There’s another booth that’s right up my alley with old kitchen items. I can always find something unique in this booth that I’ve never seen before!

A back room at Grandma’s is lined with awesome old furniture like these pieces:

Last, but not least, is another booth that keeps me drooling. It has more Camark pieces than I’ve seen in one collection. They also have tons of gorgeous Fenton, vaseline glass, Roseville, Hull, and other hard-to-find collectibles. Here are just a couple photos of their large booth:

If you ever find yourself in the Cabot area looking for some good junkin’ spots, these two shops are definitely worth a visit! I found lots of goodies during our trip and got some much-needed retail therapy! 😀

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  1. Thanks Ashley for posting such wonderful pictures and your even more wonderful comments. Always happy to see you when you come in! With that said you probably should come take more pictures, as we have new vendors now with more new and exciting things to browse through. Thanks again

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