Awesome Yeller Table

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a fanatic when it comes to cool junk.  Once I find out that an estate sale has photos posted on their website, I’m there looking for the item I will seek out upon getting inside the estate sale’s doors. This week’s gotta-have find was this super cool yellow bistro table that was at Sale by Nick’s estate sale:

The first part of my “research” was to find out where the set was located. The photo above was all I had to go by. I could tell it was on a covered porch, but where?  Was it on the front, back, or side of the house? I figured out that the set would be on the front porch by looking at satellite images on Google Maps.  🙂  I was able to match up the trees in the top, left-hand side of the photo with trees in the neighbor’s yard to confirm the set was on the front porch. Yes, I’m a nerd.

Next was to decide what time to get to the sale to make sure that I could get the set. I knew that if anyone else showed up early they could snatch the price tag off the set and it would be theirs. I decided to get there at 7:30AM so I could be first in line when the doors opened at 8:00AM. Of course I left late and rolled up at around 7:40 to a small group of people already waiting at the door!  Thank goodness they were dealers who had their eyes on the stuff that was inside!

At 8:00, when everyone else rushed inside, I stepped over and removed the price tag from the table to claim it as mine. I’m glad it was in the price range I had decided on, because I had my mind set on buying it!

After loading it into my truck I started wondering about the age and maker of the set. I finally found a logo underneath the tabletop that read “Woodard”. Little did I know that this would end up being a great find!

Woodard wrought-iron furniture is built by hand and is very solid. It is super expensive too. Sellers all over the Internet have this set with four chairs priced anywhere from $500-$1200. Made me feel better for paying full price. 🙂 I never found out the age of the set, but my guess is it’s from the 50’s-60’s.

I had completely decided I would bring this set home and keep it until I started thinking about the fun Spring display I could create at Jenifer’s Antiques. This always happens when I find cool furniture! My poor house has hum-drum furniture and I take all the good stuff to my booths to show it off!

So I took the set to Jenifer’s on Friday during my lunch break. I ran out of time to dress the bistro table and chairs up to their potential, but I had fun with the time I had.

I really couldn’t decide if I wanted to go with Spring pastels or funky bright colors. I finally settled with a Spring display since I had lots of things with pastel colors. If I would have had more time I would have gone with a color scheme that was maybe 2-3 main colors so it would be easier on the eyes. I think it’ll do for now, though. Here’s a close-up:

Another fun find at Sale by Nick was the small brown Camark pitcher. It matches the Camark mold behind it in every way except for its size!

Of course I had to add a few cute birds to the Spring mix. The Goebel sparrows up front and center look almost lifelike!

I had a lot of fun hunting down this bistro table and decking it out at Jenifer’s. Who knows what I’ll be hunting down next!

I’m linking up with Cindy’s My Romantic Home this week!

5 thoughts on “Awesome Yeller Table”

  1. Ginger Westmoreland

    The look you created is really special with the mold and pottery because- Not sure if you knew this, but the lady that owned the house where you bought the table is originally from Camden. A retired school teacher who wrote a book about the history of Camden. They were sellling some signed copies of her book at the sale. Hope you saw those and got one.

  2. This is so COOL Ashley! I LOVE IT when I find something that my instinct tells me is a great find and then I do the research and find out it is!!! I am so excited for you! If I went to this sale, I would have bought that table and chairs too!! 😀 Of course, you have WAY more instinct for this sort of stuff than I do…you better keep this for yourself so you can have some “happy” around your house and enjoy the fun stuff you find once in a while!!

  3. Ginger, I have to admit that I didn’t take the time to read the sale description — I only looked at the photos! I totally missed out on the books because of that too. Plus I was in a hurry that morning to get to work, so that didn’t help.

    Thank you for mentioning that the lady was from Camden. I should have realized that when I saw all the cool Camark pieces! One of her neighbors got quite a few pieces to add to her collection, so I thought that was neat. 🙂

  4. Robin, you find great stuff all the time! You’ve got the same instinct, if not better! 🙂 I’ll most likely bring the table and chairs home when I get another great find I want to show off. I think the set will look awesome on my back deck!!

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