Project Dollhouse

Last weekend I skipped going to estate sales because I was pooped from helping clean out a Vilonia estate. I worked on Friday and Sunday afternoons to help the family get a couple more truckloads of things out of the home so they can get closer to being able to remodel. I bought some Camark pieces, a doll collection, and my favorite of all, this dollhouse:

The above dollhouse was handmade with love over 30 years ago.  Over time, it was become dusty and dismantled, but not so much that it can’t be brought back to life! I don’t have the time for it now due to planning of the Antique Alley Antique Show, but I plan to fix up this dollhouse so it can be as awesome as it originally was.

Here is an inside view of the dollhouse currently:

Lots and lots of furniture came with this dollhouse.  I have two other shoeboxes full!  If you wonder what all the wiring is about, this home was fully lit at one time!! Chandeliers and lamps would light up just like a real house.

The kitchen is too cute. Love those curtains!

and the kitchen table and chairs!

You can see I have a lot of work cut out for me, but I think it will be a fun project! Hopefully in a month or so I can get on this project and show you my progress along the way. 🙂

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