Taking a Minute to Smell the Roses

Multiple times during the day at work, I’ll take mini-breaks to check out the latest news on MSN.com.  Today I noticed an article on the front page called “Intriguing and Bizarre Items Sold at Estate Sales” . I was so excited because not only was American Pickers featured in the latest edition of the Entrepreneur magazine I get each month, but estate sales were being brought up on a popular news site!  Estate sales and used stuff sometimes get a bad rap from those that have never been to an estate sale or have never noticed the quality of old stuff, so I’m always thrilled when there’s a chance to show that junkin’ is fun, socially acceptable, and provides a chance to find quality stuff!

Boy, was I disappointed when I read the MSN Article.  Click here to see the article.  I’m not knockin’ the person who put the slideshow together; Maybe the estate sales in Washington, D.C. are just not as quality as they are here in good ‘ole Arkansas, but I couldn’t help but post a comment to let the world know that the slideshow was not representative of every estate sale. You know I’m serious when I take the time to sign up and get a username so I can post a comment. 🙂

And then I realized I haven’t made a for-real blog post in forever, so I decided that although I have Antique Show newspaper ads and 5 billboard images to design and a million more things to do, I’d stop and smell the roses and do what I really enjoy: Talkin’ junk.

My favorite things that I’ve found lately are these set of 5 Handgemalt angels from one of June’s estate sales. From my research, Handgemalt is a Dresden name. I absolutely love them so I’m keeping them for my collection. 

At the same Estate Sale by June, I found the two plant racks below.  I plan to come up with clever ways to use them in my booths!

I also found the cute blue and yellow flowered tumblers below at June’s sale.  I hit the jackpot that day!

Petite Roche Estate Sales’ latest sale was a lot of fun too, with lots of old girly things!  The butterfly handkerchiefs and the perfume bottle in their original boxes were just a couple of cute things I found! I snagged the adorable Hadley cats in the bottom right from a recent Roy Dudley estate sale. 

I also picked up this green-speckled planter from Petite Roche Estate Sale. I apparently held my camera crooked when I took the photo, so I apologize for it being wonkered. 🙂  I basically bought it because I don’t know what company made it.  What intrigued me most is that it has a mold number on the bottom like Camark, but it doesn’t look like any Camark piece I’ve ever seen before.  It’s most likely Haegar or something less collectible than Camark, but I figured I wouldn’t know for sure unless I bought it and kept it until something like it shows up on eBay. 🙂

Last, but not least, I have this fun Shabby Chic chest of drawers that I’ve had drowned in inventory at Do Drop In in Beebe for a while.  Mom and I recently overhauled that booth (it’s still not where I want it to be after working on it for 8+ hours) and I brought it home. I’m not sure which booth it’s going to yet, but it makes a good place to put inventory for the moment. I got it at an auction last year. 

That’s it for now, but who knows what I’ll find this weekend!

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  1. Thank you! I don’t think June has retired, but I have trouble keeping up with her sales because no one from her staff calls me about them and I have trouble reaching her with the phone number I have for her. I’ll try to be more proactive by checking the paper each week. Usually if I can go to one of her sales, she’ll give me details about her next sale. Her sales are pretty much always really good, so I miss going to them too!

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