Junkin’ in Tulsa, OK

Last Saturday I drove to Tulsa, Oklahoma so I could check out the Vintage Tulsa Antique Show.  The Antique Alley Arkansas Antique Show is already booked for the May show, but I thought I’d go to continue spreading the word about the show.  Plus, you never know what you’ll find at an antique show!!

One of the first booths I stopped by belonged to “Barnseeker”, who had a wonderful collection of furniture. I especially liked this slab table:

Around the corner was “Ricochet Ray”, a very nice dealer that just moved to Tulsa from California.  He had the first complete set of Napco fish family wall hangings that I’ve seen:

Then there was David Gifford, who has been doing the Antique Alley Arkansas Antique Show since its first show.  He has an incredible collection of old pottery:

I never met the owner of this booth, but the furniture was amazing:

All types of old stuff could be found at the Vintage Tulsa Show, from primitives to vintage to Shabby Chic:

My friend Robin bought a macrame owl and a 1950’s clock from the lady whose Shabby Chic vanity is pictured above.  The lady had a really fun booth — I love Shabby Chic and repurposed old stuff!

Next up is a photo of old printer’s type from the awesome booth of Wayne Dudley.  He has hundreds of old letters and numbers.

All of you antique-loving brides will LOVE this bouquet:

The jewelry dealer has taken many jeweled costume jewelry brooches, earrings, etc. and made a beautiful bouquet. I wish I would have thought of this when I was engaged! This is something that can be kept forever!

While visiting the Vintage Tulsa Show, many dealers told us to check out the Tulsa Flea Market next door.  I wasn’t expecting much from a weekly flea market, but boy, was I surprised!  The flea market had mostly older stuff rather than booths of mass-produced new stuff.  I actually saw dealers that do the antique-show-circuit, so apparently this flea market is a great place to sell at.

I was so excited to find some 1920’s place cards while shopping the Tulsa Flea Market. Check them out:

There’s a pretty good chance these ladies are going to end up on the Antique Alley Arkansas antique show billboards for the May show.  They are sooo neat and totally reflect 1920’s fashion.  Apparently they belonged to “Betty” at some point, but I’m glad I now have them so I can enjoy them.  I’ll refrain from signing them. 😀

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