Arkansas Antique Dealers Association Antique Show

If you’re looking for the estate sales and auctions listings, keep scrollin’ down, but scroll back up when you’re done because I want to show you some photos from my visit to the AADA Antique Show this evening.  🙂

Caleb, my husband, and I spent around 3 hours at the show tonight.  Many great dealers are set up at the show from a variety of states.  There are few things more fun that walking around talking to my “kind” of people, antique dealers.  We are a special type of people: We all have the “disease” of loving to collect neat old stuff and almost all of us accumulate neat stuff way faster than we can sell it, but we just keep on buying because it’s what we love to do. 😛

Anyway, the AADA show is a great quality show, as always. The first booth to the left as you walk into Rick’s Armory belongs to Max and Ellie Ragain of Leesburg, Florida.  They have a great mix of jewelry on one side of their booth and “mantiques” on the other side.  I took a couple photos of the mantiques because I rarely see a collection like this at shows:

This is probably the largest collection of old ice cream scoops I’ve seen:

Nearby is a booth of mostly furniture from some guys from Virginia.  I didn’t get their names, but I did snap a photo of one of their podium-cabinet-pieces:

My phone took a horrible picture, but this is what it looks like “open”.  It even has a key!

David Gifford is set up with his awesome pottery.  Here are some of his Niloak and Camark pieces:

One of the prettiest booths belongs to Jerry and Betsy Harris of Dallas, Georgia.  They have linens, perfume bottles, dresser sets, and many other pretty things:

If you would like to check out more of Jerry and Betsy’s items, check out their Ruby Lane Shop here:

Pam Hamilton also has a booth at the AADA Show.  I love their chippy old stuff and how they put together neat little vignettes of their items.

Last but not least, there’s a neat lady that has all sorts of neat smalls in her booth.  These small brooms caught my eye:

I have seen ladies like these before, but usually they’re atop pin cushions when I find them.  I have never seen little brooms!  One of the main reasons they caught my eye is because I got a similar lady from Granny’s estate after she passed away last year:

I was told the top half of the lady above was dug up while my Granny’s family tilled a garden many, many years ago.  Granny took the lady, attached her to an old green bottle, and created the “skirt”.  The lady has a chip on her hat, which looks like Granny covered up by painting a flower on it.  If you’ve been following my blog very long, you know I love old figurines, so this one is very special to me. 🙂  Seeing the small collection of lady-brushes the dealer had in her booth reminded me of the one I have.

There were many other great dealers at the show whose booths I didn’t take photos of.  There are lots of beautiful glassware, jewelry, and other collectibles to be seen. If you get a chance to go by, they’re at Rick’s Armory Saturday from 10:00 to 5:00 and Sunday from 11:00 to 4:00.

I’ll be getting up bright and early in the morning and heading to Eureka Springs to the antique show there.  That show is pretty amazing too, so I should have another fun day! 🙂

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