Aug 082017

Guest Post by Evelyn Neher

On August 8th, 2017 I entered The ESSE Purse Museum and Store located in the SoMa district of Little Rock at 1600 Main Street. After speaking with staff I was invited to take a personal tour of The Purse Museum. At that time not only did I see History but was told the history of the museum.

As an artist I was amazed as to the displays, colors, and design that created this museum that is a statement in our City.

I would like to personally invite you to visit this local treasure in our City. Meet the wonderful staff. Take a tour of the museum….you will love it. You will be energized. I felt as if I were in an art gallery in New York right here in Little Rock.

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  1. […] It’s time to start distributing Bella Rustina promo cards to local businesses. Since it’s difficult for me to get around to see everyone with Little Caleb, my friend Evelyn has been very helpful in taking cards out for me. She got to tour the ESSE Purse Museum a couple days ago and shared photos with me, so I told her she should write a guest post on Click this link to read it. […]