About Ashley’s Finds

Who Is Ashley?

Way back in 2010, Ashley Norris started reaching out to estate sale agents to send her their estate sale and auction ads and posting them online for other vintage-lovers to find– starting a community that’s been steadily growing ever since!

Today, Ashley’s raising two sons and still bringing people from the antique and vintage community together in Central Arkansas.

What does Ashley’s Finds do?

For well over a decade, Ashley has been gathering information about estate sales, auctions, and vintage events happening in the Central Arkansas area– and posting them all online at no cost, for folks who love junkin’ to find.

The goal at Ashley’s Finds is simple: to bring the community together and serve as a one-stop shop for Central Arkansas estate sales, auctions, and vintage events.

She does all that by herself?!

Ashley’s Finds is a labor of love from Ashley herself. Subscribers to the weekly newsletter will enjoy updates from Ashley’s life in addition to an in-depth look at all of the upcoming vintage and antiques events in the area. It’s a point of pride at Ashley’s Finds that the community serves as a little escape from reality, where people can connect with others who love antiques and have a little fun.

Submit your events and join the fun!

Are you an estate sale agent with sales on the horizon? An antiques dealer who’s looking for a new junking community to join? Or maybe, you’re someone organizing a personal sale. If you’ve got sales to share, we’d love to hear from you– click the link below to submit your sale to our weekly roundup newsletter!