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If you’ve got an event that you’d like Ashley’s Finds to include in this week’s roundup, fill out the form below and submit it before 5 p.m. on Wednesday. We can’t wait to work together and see what you’ll be sharing with our Central Arkansas community!

Contact Ashley if you would like an organizer login or if you need assistance submitting your sales.

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Be sure to read all the way through the instructions before submitting the form! We are not responsible if incorrect details are submitted to our calendar. You will be able to edit your submitted sale if you are logged in.

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    Sale Title

    The image below will appear on the calendar. The sale name (highlighted in red) should be unique so it doesn’t get confused for another sale that week. 

    Sale Description

    Include all the details about your sale here! 

    Sale Time & Date

    If your sale lasts more than one day, you will need to schedule multiple events using this button. If you don’t see it, you may need to refresh the page.

    Additional fields will appear, and you will add your additional days there. Make sure the event happens “once” and is on the “same day.” Check the text in italics under the boxes (highlighted in red) to confirm that your input is correct. Add as many days as needed with the “add more events” button.

    Sale Image

    The image added here will be the sale’s cover photo for the calendar. Choose wisely! Only one can be submitted here. You will be able to add more sale images with the additional form below. 


    To add a new sale address, click “Create or find location” and when the drop down menu appears (shown below) start typing in the text box (highlighted in red below). This will become the name of your location. It is not an address search bar. Press the enter key or click “create” to add details. 

    Organizer Details

    The organizer is you! Check to see if your name is already on the list. If not, follow the same steps for “location” above. Only add details here that you want associated with every sale of yours (i.e, you will want to add your business website, not the website for this particular sale)

    Sale Website

    Here you can add an external link for the sale, like, or a link to a Facebook post. 

    Additional Photo Upload

    This is a separate form and can be filled out any time! Just make sure to finish submitting your event before submitting photos.