Show & Tell Friday

This week for Show & Tell Friday I want to show off my yellow pottery dishes collection. I have this secret thing for yellow — my truck is yellow, my wedding colors were red and yellow, and now my kitchen is red and yellow.

I didn’t want my kitchen to be red-overkill, so I decided to accent with yellow serving pieces from different pottery companies. So far I’ve got pieces that are Hall, Homer Laughlin’s Harlequin Fiesta, Le Creuset, and some that I’m not sure about the maker.

Each piece has been found while on a junkin’ adventure. I actually picked up the Le Creuset pieces at the auction I went to last Friday. Other pieces were picked up at garage sales, auctions, and antique shops.

Also, since wedding season is almost upon us and I know some of you are like me and love weddings, here’s a photo from my red and yellow wedding that took place in August, 2008:

Click here to see a photo book I created of my wedding.

8 thoughts on “Show & Tell Friday”

  1. I looove your yellow pottery with your red! Colorful yet crisp! Your wedding picture is adorable! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  2. I love your pottery yellow wear is one of my favorites but I only have one piece. What a lovely wedding you had Love the style of the gowns and the perfect shade of red.

  3. denisemarie, thank you! Thanks also for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment! 🙂

  4. Thanks, Ahrisha! I’m out junking all the time and rarely ever see yellow pieces myself.. Which makes it fun to collect because it’s such a surprise every time I find it! 🙂

    David’s Bridal has found the perfect shade of red for their dresses. I was very happy with them!

  5. Debbie, Thank you! I love your blog! And especially your background and header… You have great taste! 😉

  6. Ashley Honey —

    Youse is a beautiful young woman! Whadda precious wedding snap. Thanx for share’n.

    I soooo enjoyed your array of yellow dishes crowning the top of your cabinets. They are wonderful.

    CRITIC –
    * Put the building blocks on a shelf in the library . Buy another sprig of ivy / greenery to weave between the dishes. The floral leaves LINK the pieces together in your presentation.
    (Stand back and look at it now that you have read my comment. Think about it…)
    **Look for a matching yellow plate/platter/saucer and display it standing upright. This shape would be handsome atop the cabinets opposite the tilted upright Bundt cakepan. (Excellent!) Put the newly-acquired-plate behind some of the pots and pitchers. (If you need, place a small box underneath to give it a taller-larger-effect. No one will be able to see the lift-box as the greenery and other wares will hide it!


    Since you are a FAN of the combo RED & YELLOW, you need to search your florist for a POCKETBOOK PLANT. This species of plant blooms in a variety of colors but the sweetest is a blossom that resembles a little yellow pouch (the ‘pocketbook’) with red spreckles dotting it. IT WOULD MAKE A RED-&-YELLOW-LOVER SMILE WITH GLEE!

  7. Thank you for the suggestions! I’ve never heard of a Pocketbook plant.. they’re gorgeous! 🙂

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