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This week for Show and Tell Friday, I’d like to show off my collection of Josef, Napco, and Lefton figurines. Most of my collection is from the years of the 1940’s-1960’s.

I haven’t had these figurines displayed since last year before I moved, so I enjoyed taking them out and reminiscing about where I found a particular figurine and how life was at that time.

First off is this cutie of a Bloomer girl made by Lefton. I found her back when I regularly visited Thackerland Flea Market in Judsonia, Arkansas.

The Valentine’s Day figurines in my collection are so, so cute. I got the one in front at a Morgan auction years ago and the planter on the right off of eBay.

Most of my collection is of Christmas figurines. Below, the two on the left are Lefton and the one on the right is Napco.

This one puts a smile on my face every time I see it. I got it at a garage sale a couple years ago. The Santa is so tiny compared to the “arrangement” coming out of his sleigh. The reindeer is a bobble head!!  You can tell by his eyes that he’s seen better days. His ear is chipped and one of his antlers has been repaired.

Below is my favorite Napco figurine in my collection. This is the “Shopping girl”. I had to have her after finding her on eBay a few years ago.

Compared to Napco and Lefton, Josef figurines are my favorite. Josefs are usually larger and more graceful with intricate details.

I picked up the little Josef bells below off of eBay:

In the group below, I got the back two off of eBay and the one in front at an Estate Sale by Katherine.

The bride is a musical figurine I bought years ago because I thought she’d be gorgeous to use in my eventual wedding. Everything got hectic while decorating for my wedding, so I don’t think I used anything I bought over the years while dreaming of it.  She reminds me of the hope I had back then that one day I’d find my knight in shining armor. 🙂

I’m not sure what the lady is doing that’s dressed in brown… maybe she’s been married for a while and is about to use that umbrella (or stick?) to punish her hubby! lol!

Speaking of weddings, I bought two of the tiny Lefton wedding bell below at a Thacker Auction years ago. I didn’t think anything about their value when I bought them because they were such small figurines and almost immediately sold the duplicate at my flea market booth for $8. Later I found out they were consistently selling for over $80 on eBay. I kicked myself for a long time, but it was a lesson learned! I look up everything before I price it now!

Last but not least, is my favorite Josef set. These musically-inclined beauties are an amazing addition to my collection:

I started the collection above when I found a couple of these pieces at the Hilltop Flea Market in Russellville, Arkansas. Then I found there were other pieces to the set and got them off of eBay. I don’t have the complete set yet — There’s at least a violinist that’s missing from this group. Since the prices of these have hit rock bottom on eBay, I’ll probably go ahead and finish off the group soon.

Hope you enjoyed viewing part of my collection.  🙂

  2 Responses to “Show & Tell Friday: Josef, Napco, and Lefton Figurine Collection”

  1. How very pretty! I know you were excited to unpack and see the beauty in each piece. Blessings, Vicky

  2. What a beautiful collection! Thanks for sharing it! I also collect Lefton (among other) girl figurines. I’ve never seen the musical Josef girls. They are beautiful! Happy shopping!

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