Jul 282010

Usually the creativity that I witness from customers at Do Drop In are of a negative kind: Empty Sonic cups placed in cabinets, broken glass pushed under shelves, haphazard stacking of fragile items rather than putting them back where they belong, etc…  but this took some ingenuity and was absolutely harmless.

Obviously someone brought a significant other or teenage son/daughter that was bored out of their minds. This bored individual must have thought it would be funny to put one of Mom’s large Owl figurines in the bird cage she also has for sale.

Now at first glance, it’s like, Oh, an owl in a bird cage.  But really? An OWL in a Birdcage? It cracked me up. 🙂

The reason why I’m pretty sure this was done by an adult is because they also stacked a lamp shade on top of an old plastic Barbie suitcase on top of a tall hexagonal fish tank.  Mom quickly took this down before I could snap a photo or I would have shown you that too.  We left the owl in the bird cage for giggles. 🙂

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