An Auction Doesn’t Have to be Long to Fill Up my Truck…

This coming week is going to be a busy one with the estate sale, so I thought I’d go ahead and show off the cool stuff I won at the estate auction last weekend. Every single thing I won had to be thoroughly cleaned, so that’s why it’s taken me so long to post.  I still have some neat furniture to clean up, so photos of those will have to come later.

The auction was actually the shortest I’ve been to — it only lasted an hour! The house was packed full of goodies: Camark, Carnival glass, and unique old stuff.

The auctioneer tried to auction off items shelf-by-shelf on a little etagere only to find no one was willing to bid much. So he just auctioned off  the etagere along with everything on it for one money.  This shelf had lots of very unique items on it, like these pieces of detailed dollhouse furniture:

The piano is unique because it stores coasters in its top.  The roll-top desk’s top actually rolls back and the other desk’s top flips down to show compartments and real drawers. The typewriter and coffee grinder are metal and actually have moving parts!  This stuff may just be ebay worthy.

Another fun set from that shelf is this salt and pepper shaker set:

I’ve had salt and pepper shaker sets shapped like gravestones that say “Here lies Pepper” and “Here lies Salt”, but I’ve never seen them like the ones above that explain why they’re in the predicament they’re in. 🙂

Next the auctioneer lined up some items on a desk and let us bid on the lots. The first lot included this nice scales of justice, which is not something you see every day, so I made sure to get it:

The last lot on the desk was a lot of pottery. Most of it was Camark, but there were some Shawnee and Japan pieces mixed in too. The auctioneer let us bid on choice of as many items as we wanted, so since the bid went low I bought all 10 pieces. I later wished that I had been more selective since a few pieces had chips, but overall I’m glad I got them all.

Above is how they look displayed at Jenifer’s Antiques. I actually got the super cute old truck at Bette Bogart’s estate sale. And the Razorback piece came from Anna’s estate sale. I bought all of these pieces the same weekend. It was pure coincidence that all the pieces were the color maroon!

In the kitchen I got this nice ruby-colored dish with spoon.  I’m not sure what it was exactly made for, but I could imagine using it for condiments, nuts, candy, etc.

My favorite find for the day was this gorgeous “Irridescent Lime” green Carnival glass punch bowl set. I say “Irridescent Lime” because when I looked it up, I found a photo of the box the punch bowl came in and that’s what the Indiana Glass company called the green color. To my amazement, this set has all 12 cups, 12 hooks, and the ladle, all in great condition. It really sparkles!

I also picked up some blue Carnival glass pieces, a nice drum table, a Duncan Phyfe-style telephone table, a junky coffee table,  an enamel-top cabinet full of kitchen utensils, a cute old white work-cabinet, and much more. My truck was packed out! 🙂

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