I’m pooped.

What a day! For those who are not subscribers to my weekly email, I invited all of my subscribers to a pre-sale preview tonight. Of course, as with everything like this, lots of random things happened today to stop progress. For example, I realized this morning that I hadn’t turned on my “Out of Office” email message at work, so I made the mistake of logging into my email. I took off work early yesterday because I’m in-between projects and I was totally anxious about the sale this weekend, but wouldn’t you know I had an email requesting that I turn something around real quick this morning.. well “real quick” ended up costing me 2 hours of valuable getting-ready-for-preview-night time.  So I didn’t get to the house until around 11:00 this morning.

I’ve been watching the weather for the past few days and last night weather.com said it would rain in the afternoon and into the night, so I didn’t even attempt to get some of the outdoor items out.  Like that humongous Persian rug — my client informed me it took 4 men to put it in the storage building. I have help coming tomorrow to help get it out.. As much as I have been wishing it would rain, I really don’t want it to rain for the next 3 days because that rug is too big to come inside. I still don’t know its true condition because I can’t unroll it at the moment, but I’ll try to post photos tomorrow evening.

One unexpected thing that came up was the chandelier. For the last 3 weeks that I’ve been working at this house, there’s been a large table underneath it.  Today we finally got around to taking the table out of the room at around 3:00. This is when I realized I had a new challenge.. the chandelier hangs SO low! I knew for sure I was in trouble when within 5 minutes of getting to the house, my hubby banged his head on it.  I placed a chair under it so no customer would do the same. Thank goodness no one else ran into it. I will have some sort of table under it for Saturday/Sunday.

One of my customers mentioned something that amazingly I hadn’t even considered. She said something about that it must have been cool that I got first pick of the items. Believe it or not, even though my client has tried to give me things for the past few weeks and even though I have antique booths, I’ve priced everything available for the sale. It just doesn’t seem right to take first pick because that cheapens the sale.  Now I do have my eye on some things if they don’t sell, but by the reactions I got from my customers tonight, I know that stuff will probably sell. And it will thrill me to see those items walk out the door because that means I’ve done my  job. 🙂

I really enjoyed getting to meet those who came — I hope everyone else shows up this weekend, even if it’s just to say hi or to check out the super neat house (it’s for sale, by the way!). And be sure to check out Rook’s Antique’s estate sale right up the road on Markham.. from what he told me, it’s a doozy! And also Roy Dudley’s sale on South Broadway! Click here for the list of this weekend’s sales.

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