My Body Hurts

So about a week ago, I bought some cute clothes and planned out how I would totally look cute for tomorrow’s estate sale… now, with less than 9.5 hours until the sale and about 2+ more hours of work to do before I go to bed, I can promise you cuteness is not even on my  mind!  Oh well, maybe the cute clothes will take away from the dark circles under my eyes and my absolute ditziness from getting very little sleep this week. 🙂

Just wanted you to know that the huge Persian rug turned into a huge disappointment. I didn’t get it out until today because it is too big to go inside. It did end up taking 4 people to get it in the back yard. We unrolled it and found that one end has the threads pulled up pretty bad and there’s mold/mildew stains on probably 75% of it. What a shame! You know this was absolutely gorgeous in its day!!

[Edit] Client requested that I take down all photos.

Here’s what the living room turned out looking like. Caleb, my hubby, took the photos, so I can’t explain why the photo is so grainy.

[Edit] Client requested that I take down all photos.

I found a surprise photo when uploading these that Caleb took:

[Edit] Client requested that I take down all photos.

I asked him what in the world he was doing and he said he was “posing” his toes.  So silly!

Hope you guys can come to the sale.. I don’t remember ever being this tired (and achy!) so I’m really hoping this turns out successful!!

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