Women of the Century – French Limoges Plates

I was working my booth at Jenifer’s Antiques in Conway during my lunch break on Friday when I noticed a customer admiring a French Limoges plate by FR Ganeau that I had for sale.  She told me how she’s decorating with French items in her home because that is her heritage.  This conversation reminded me that I had the rest of the set somewhere.

This evening I dug out the Rubbermaid storage container in my garage where I had the other 10 plates stored. Each plate has its own styrofoam protector with certificate of authenticity. I got them all out to take photos to email the lady and thought I’d share them with you as well.  I originally bought these to decorate my home, but never got around to it.  Getting them out made me fall in love with them all over again, though!

Each plate names and dates a lady from the past.  The plates are a wonderful reminder of how our fashions have changed over the years.  They are so much fun. Click on the photo below to see the next plate. 🙂

I joined in on Cindy’s My Romantic Home Show and Tell Friday.

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