I’m getting behind on showing off my latest finds, so I’ll combine the last two weekends into one post.  I have been working on a website for the husband of Diane of Estate Sale by June called Heartland Outdoor Trophy Hunts.  For anyone who is interested, 1,850 acres of land in Topeka, Kansas are being made available this year for hunting to hunters other than family for the first time. Sometime this week I’ll be setting up Google Adsense advertising, Facebook advertising, and any other type of advertising I can get my hands on to get the word out. 🙂

Anyway, back to my awesome finds!  I bought sooo much stuff at Estate Sale by Nick’s last sale.  Larry is one of the few estate sale agents that has the last day of his sale on Saturdays, so that usually means I load up on goodies for half-price.  My favorite finds were these handpainted Nippon bluebird cups and saucers — bluebird stuff is so pretty and hard to find!

I got two hens on nest dishes too. Definitely don’t see these everyday in milk glass and carnival glass:

Next up, I got these super cute mini cups. One has an elf as a handle and the other has a parrot for a handle:

I also picked up these awesome lithographs by Marcia Banks:                                                Close ups:

At Pennsylvania Trading Company’s estate sale, I picked up this silly chicken:

I bought the gorgeous blue banjo bottle at Roy Dudley’s sale. It looks so good with the green glass!

Last weekend at Sale by Nancy, I found this pretty Napco angel. I’m accustomed to the Lefton angel wall plaques holding bouquets, so I thought this was a neat find.

Argenta’s estate sale was good last weekend too. I probably paid too much for them, but I had to have this Lenox bluebird creamer and sugar set:

The creamer’s tail feather is a spoon!

Last but not least, I got this super neat “jeweled” ashtray:

So much stuff, So little room in my booth at Jenifer’s Antiques! Last Thursday I tried to take a few things by and didn’t have much room so I marked everything in my booth 25% off to speed up sales and make room for new goodies. It’s also about time to start making Fall/Thanksgiving displays, so I’m hoping the sale will give me more room to decorate.

If you find yourself in Conway with a few minutes to spare, stop by Jenifer’s and check out all the goodies everyone has! And if you’ve got time for lunch, Jenifer’s Antiques Cross Creek Sandwich shop is hard to beat! 🙂

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