Junkin’ Granny-Style

Last Saturday I skipped all the awesome estate sales to go garage saling with my granny.  She found out last week that she had to have a pacemaker put in today, so I thought it would be fun to take her out for her favorite pastime to take her mind off her upcoming surgery.

Granny and I usually have a lot of fun garage saling, but I usually don’t find the quality items that I need for my antique booths. However, last Saturday was completely abnormal! We met at Western Sizzlin in Russellville at 9:00. Granny brought a local paper so we could check out what sales were going on.

One ad titled “Estate Sale” caught my eye. Since the person running the estate sale didn’t post a start time, I decided we should go by first thing and see if the sale was open yet. Luckily, the lady running the estate sale put her sign out just as we drove up, so we got to go in first. Ends up the daughter was running the sale from her mother’s estate and hadn’t priced or cleaned anything.

I was definitely thinking I was about to get some good deals until I started asking for prices.  The daughter had done her research! She quoted high prices for everything, but I continued to ask because I knew she couldn’t be high on everything. Some things I bought anyway because I hadn’t seen them before or because they would make good eye candy for my booths.

One of the first items that caught my eye was this chicken. It is Deforest Pottery, which was made in California. It was really pricy, but I had to have it:

Then I found this awesome turkey platter hanging on the wall:

This teapot, salt shaker, and covered sugar are marked Japan. I unearthed them while digging through the items on the dining room table:

I also found this super cool cast-iron cat. It’s perfect for Halloween!

The setting was ripe for a good find and I was determined to find it! I checked every nook and cranny and found this awesome Nelson McCoy (~1930’s) pitcher sitting in a cluster of items stacked on the dryer:

As I was about to pay out, a family member started dragging some boxes out of a closet, so I had to stick around and see what was in there. Lots of cool things had been boxed up improperly and had broken, so I didn’t find much.  I did get this cute bread box:

Granny purchased an old forked garden tool and some other odds and ends. Our hands were black from handling all the dirty stuff in the house, but we walked away with some goodies!

The next sale we went to was a garage sale that said in its ad that everything would be cheap. The first item I noticed as I walked up the driveway was this awesome china cabinet:

When Granny saw me checking it out, she told me I should ask for a cheaper price. I told her she should haggle for me since she’s the pro. The lady had already marked the price down, so I assumed that her price would be firm. I was surprised when Granny got her to go down on her price $25!!

Granny picked up a practically new range hood that she was able to get $10 cheaper. She also talked them into giving her a box of fabric pieces. Go Granny!

We had a blast finding treasures on Saturday. I’m happy to say Granny made it through her surgery just fine and was already talking about going garage saling again when I went by to see her at the Heart Hospital after work today. 🙂

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