Packing Out the Booth

Our booth at Crystal Hill Antique Mall is still a work in progress, but we’re getting closer to filling it to its capacity.  🙂

Mom broke out the Christmas stuff so I had to follow suite. I actually found that awesome Santa at Sale by Nancy a couple weeks ago. I bought the elf at Pennsylvania Trading Co’s sale the same weekend. I specifically sought out the Hull brown drip gingerbread man platter on eBay because it’s fun to decorate with and a hard-to-find piece.

Let’s not forget Halloween! I picked up that awesome 1940’s Halloween cat at Roy Dudley’s last estate sale. The sale was packed full of old toys, paper items, and figurines, which is my kinda sale!

The china cabinet now houses Mom’s Bird and Strawberry pressed glass from the early 1900’s.  Mom found the adorable lady and man holding carts on eBay.

I found the super cute 1950’s dance costume at Southland Estate Sale’s sale in Conway a couple weeks ago.  It’s definitely not something you see every day!

Below is the “famous” china cabinet that was featured in Crystal Hill’s ad in the Arkansas Antiques newspaper. We’ve kinda packed it out since the ad. 🙂

I was so excited to find the Yarnell’s ice cream container from way-back-when at Southland Estate Sale (bottom right). Who keeps ice cream containers? I’m glad the person did because it’s such a cool piece of Arkansas history! I got the McCoy “Thinking Dog” cookie jar and the “Smiley Pig” creamer and sugar at Roy Dudley’s last sale.

I bought those two awesome Lladro figurines on the top shelf at Estate Sale by June’s sale a few weeks ago. Love ’em!

The photo below has a few firsts for me. I’ve never seen a child-size jadite cup and saucer before. I picked it up from Pennsylvania Trading Co’s sale. I have also never found a hand mirror with a glass handle. I bought it at Estate Sale by June. I love Mom’s hound planter!

I can’t help but love Mom’s panther lamp with original shade!  I got the neat McCoy lion figurine and black Camark vase off of eBay. The cat and dog letter holders came from the same Roy Dudley’s sale I bought all the other cool Roy Dudley items I’ve mentioned in this post.

Mom and I continue to find super cool things to bring to the booth. I think it has turned out great. Our next goal is to make a fun Christmas display on top of the Duncan Phyfe table at the front of the booth. I bought lots of great Christmas items at the Antique Toy and Holiday auction held by GoodStuff Auction Tuesday night, so I’m excited to get it all put out. 🙂

I’ve also given my booth at Jenifer’s a facelift, which  I hope to post about soon.  It’s not completely where I want it yet, but it’s getting there.  Here’s a sneak peek:

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this silly sign I picked up at Southland Estate Sale’s last sale:

5 thoughts on “Packing Out the Booth”

  1. Hey, just thought I would let you know the child’s cup and saucer in a jadite color were manufactured by Akro Agate company. They made marbles, children’s dishes, and a general line including planters, powder jars, ashtrays, etc. My grandmother collected them and now I do, mostly the children’s dishes, but I have several boxes of the general line and a few mason jars of marbles. Your cup is the large octagon pattern and the saucer looks like it’s the concentric ring pattern, but hard to tell from the pic. Though you might be interested.

  2. Thanks for the info! I actually didn’t know anything about it and didn’t find any like it on eBay so I was wondering! I did a search for “Akro Agate jadeite” and was able to find it — looks like it’s good stuff!

  3. I am looking for a red/burgundy McCoy lion like the black one you found. Please contact me if you come across one. I would like to find it for a gift for my new/old husband (we are in our late 50’s and have been married less than two years!).



  4. Hello! The Yarnell’s Ice Cream container sold quickly. Now I’m kinda wishing I would have kept it! 🙂 Thanks for asking!

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