Oct 202010

Linda is one of those people that most of us are jealous of. She can take a piece of worn-out antique furniture and turn it into a masterpiece by taking pieces of tile, china, and even shells to put a mosaic design on the tired wood. She lives in a restored old home in the historic district of Conway, so her refinished pieces fit right in! Below is a photo of one of her latest projects. She brilliantly put mirrored mosaic pieces over a crack in the corner of the mirror.

Caleb and I visited Linda last weekend and she showed me her newest batch of Fall wreaths. She is so creative that I thought it would be fun to take photos and share them. She is working on a plan to make and sell wreaths throughout the year depending on the season, but hasn’t decided on all the details yet. She’s a go-getter so I’m sure she’ll have it all figured out in no time. Her Christmas wreaths are amazing! If you want more information, feel free to email her.

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