Fun Finds at ESP and on Craigslist!

Last weekend I found some fabulous finds both at Estate Sale Professionals’ sale and on Craigslist. I bet I would have found some great stuff at Pennsylvania Trading Company’s and Estate Sale by Miss Martha’s sales if I would have gotten there sooner. I didn’t go to their sales until Sunday afternoon and both houses were almost empty! Good for them!

I stopped by Estate Sale Professionals’ sale Saturday afternoon and had a ball. They were selling my kinda stuff! The first item that caught my eye was the awesome cast-iron cat bank below. I’m pretty sure his eyes are glass!  He’s so cool that I’m going to keep him. My great-aunt recently gave me a small Hubley cast iron cat, so he goes perfectly in my newest collection:

Here’s the beginning of my cast-iron cat collection:

I also found these colorful bird wall pockets. I don’t see wall pockets like these at estate sales very often:

I also couldn’t resist this yellow satin “Lily Pond” Fenton candy dish:

Another super fun find was a set of 2 antique drawers-turned-mirrored-shelves. Basically someone took two old drawers, put a mirror in the bottoms of the drawers, and used them as wall decor.  Here’s one of them that I hung on my wall and put a pretty candle-holder in:

Although the above finds were pretty cool, my favorite find of the weekend actually came from a Craigslist ad. Friday night a lady from Sherwood posted a photo of an awesome old cabinet that she described as “handmade by somebody’s grandpa”. The price was right so I emailed her since it was after 9:00 and I thought it rude to call. She didn’t respond so I called her Saturday morning. She said someone else was coming to look at it, but to call back.  I assumed it would sell, but called back later to find that the person had asked her to come down on her price and she wouldn’t budge. She told me “He was a dealer wanting it for pennies” and I couldn’t help but respond in pretend disgust, “Oh, one of those” as if I wasn’t intending to take it to one of my booths and eventually sell it myself. However, in my defense, I am honest to a fault: I typically won’t ask for a lower price on something that I believe is priced well to begin with.  The seller got what she was asking and I got a great deal. Here’s the charmer:

You can’t see them in the photo, but each side has glass panes. I cannot wait to take this to Jenifer’s and pack it out with cool old stuff. The dark wood will cause any light-colored item to “pop” once adorning its shelves.  I’ll post photos once I get it all decked out. 🙂

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  1. WOW!! That cabinet from Craigslist is AWESOME! It looks a lot like my Arts & Crafts style china cabinet that I bought for over $800! It will look fabulous in your booth at Jenifer’s….SCORE!

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