Acxiom’s first-annual Acxifest festival was yesterday. Acxifest was put together to allow us entrepreneurs to set up booths on the Acxiom campus to show off our money-making hobbies. It was a complete success with 57 booths set up for the first event! Most of the booths were of crafts or charity organizations. My booth was the only antique booth. I shared my booth with a buddy from work and we had a blast!

My main purpose in setting up was to get the word out about the Antique Alley Antique Show. Tons of people were interested and hadn’t heard about the show yet, so I think it was a success!

In my haste while packing everything in my truck yesterday morning I forgot my camera, so these photos are from my phone. Robin, my work-buddy who helped with the booth, took some photos with her camera and should be sending them to me so I’ll probably post better photos soon.

Robin got a lot of interest in the above mosaic bistro set. She only had it priced $95 so I’m surprised it didn’t go. I’m betting it’s because a lot of our “shoppers” weren’t expecting to go furniture shopping when they came to Acxifest. I won’t be surprised if someone emails her any day now wanting to purchase it!

Overall we didn’t sell a whole lot, but we had a blast, got off work for a day, and most importantly, got the word out about the Antique Alley Antique Show!

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