Last Weekend’s Purchases

Last weekend I had too much fun at Southland Estate Sales. Every single item in that home was right up my alley!¬† My understanding is that there’s another home from the estate packed full of the same kinds of stuff, so there will be another sale! ūüôā

The items I purchased were items I typically only see on eBay. For example, I’ve never seen an Ohio Art tea set in person. It’s soooo cute:

The estate sale had one room dedicated just to toys. There were lots of tin lithograph cars, trains, boats, and more.  I picked up a neat little car and train piece:

A whole shelf of toy aluminum dishes sold quickly. I bought these on Thursday at around noon. By Friday at noon there were hardly any toy¬†cookware left!¬† These cute toys were bought for children in the 50’s. Here are the ones I picked up:

My favorite toy was this Fisher Price wooden duck toy.¬† When the string of ducks is pulled, there’s a popper that goes off to make noise as they waddle!

I also bought the 1930’s ribbed glass canister set below. The paint is a bit chippy, but it’s still a great set!

This last purchase was from Sale by Nick.¬† It wasn’t my idea, but it ended up being a great one.¬†¬†I’ve gotten a coworker of mine completely hooked on estate sales, so I was excited for her when she found a coffee table at Larry’s sale that she wanted.¬† The only problem was that she didn’t have a truck to haul it. I offered to deliver it for her.¬† For my second trip to Sale by Nick, I brought Caleb, my husband, with me to the sale to help load the coffee table, only to have Larry and his helper meet me at the door with the coffee table in-hand. They loaded it for us, so that allowed Caleb and me to browse a little bit.¬†

Out of nowhere Caleb came up¬†to me with¬†a box of an archaic Commodore 64 computer.¬†When I say archaic, I mean a “computer” from around 1982!¬† The Commodore 64 boasts 64Kilobytes of RAM, whereas your typical computer today has 2Gigabytes of RAM!¬† I’ve never used a Commodore 64, so I can’t even image how poor the graphics would have to be to be supported by 64K.

Caleb also purchased some games, the floppy drive (the huge floppies, not your typical small floppy), and a game joystick with the system. I’ll post an update once we get around to putting it all together. If this system works, it could be worth $150-$300 depending on eBay bidders!

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  1. Thank you for the memories! My first computer was a Commodore 64, they were pretty cutting edge back in the dark ages. Why do I suddenly feel so very, very old?

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