On the Radio!

While budgeting for advertising for the Antique Alley Antique Show, I admit I didn’t think about radio advertising at first. It was only after talking to Jerry, a fellow antique dealer that used to work in sales and marketing, that I decided to give it a shot. My original fear was that I would spend a ton of money only to possibly pick the wrong radio station or have my commercials played at bad times.  Jerry and I talked it out and I finally decided to call up The Point 94.1 because I believe their listening demographic probably has the most antique lovers.

I scheduled a meeting with James at The Point and within one meeting we had it all figured out. The Point 94.1 provided their own talent to create our radio commercial, is playing our commercials multiple days leading up to the show, and then broadcasting live from Antique Alley on Saturday from 12-2.  James sent me the audio file and Caleb turned it into a video so I can share it with you guys. It’s a great commercial!

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