Unique Finds at Auction

Last Saturday after visiting the Moon & Stars Glass Show I drove to Searcy to check out the estate auction Morgan Auction was conducting.  The fine lady whose estate was liquidated used to go to my church. Little did I know she and her late husband were antique dealers! So I got a double-treat: Not only did I get to catch up with her and other church members from way-back-when, I also got to bid on some super cool stuff! 

I also found out one church member from way-back-when is the proud owner of The Bee’s Knees , which is a new flea market in Searcy that specializes in refinished furniture. I can tell by the photos on The Bee’s Knees Facebook page that I would totally love their stuff. I meant to stop by there after the auction so I could take photos to post, but I ran out of time.

Anyway, I’ve decided I win the Coolest Find of the Weekend contest. My “award-winning” find is this super neat cabinet whose proper name I do not know.  It was described at the auction as a pie safe on top and an ice box on the bottom.  It has a slide-out enamel top between the top and bottom, which adds to the uniqueness of this piece.  Here’s what it looks like:

With the top doors open:

And the bottom doors open:

The drawers are made of wood. One is divided almost like it should be a flatware drawer.  I wonder if, instead of an ice box, the bottom is for storing flour.  This may be an old-fashioned pantry cabinet! 

Whatever it is, I love the funky green color and how practical it could be for today’s kitchen.  I wasn’t the only one that thought so, either. I had to pay a bit more than I wanted to for this piece, but I think it will create that look I’m needing for my booth at Jenifer’s. My booth is in need of a major overhaul and I think this piece will allow me to do something different with it.

Another interesting item I purchased was this John Deere birdhouse. I knew I needed to get this, bird poop and all, because John Deere is so collectible.

The “wagon table” the birdhouse is sitting on is pretty neat. Looks like someone took an old table and put wagon wheels and a handle on it to carry plants on.

I got an old red bench that’s in about the same sort of shape as the table above.  I had to leave it at my parents’ house because, as I predicted, I bought too much to fit in my truck! 

Towards the end of the auction when no one was paying much attention, I snagged this amazing bench for a great price: 

Only wood pegs hold the bench together.  The problem with wood pegs vs. nails is that wood pegs wear out a lot faster, so the bench is not fit to sit in. I gave the bench to my mom since Dad can fix it and they can use it on their back patio. It’s a very neat piece!

I also won some old Ball jars, some Blueridge pottery, an old handmade quilt, and other odds and ends. I had a blast and I’m super glad I went!

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