Antique Festival of the Ozarks Antique Show

Last Saturday I got up at 5:30AM, left by 6:30 to pick up Jenifer in Conway, and then drove us to Springdale, Arkansas for the Antique Festival of the Ozarks.  Our goal was to get there early enough so that all the antique show fanatics could pick up one of our promo cards and so that we’d have plenty of time to recruit the vendors there.

We had an absolute blast. It took us 4 hours to go through that antique show of around 50 vendors.  The great thing is that vendors had heard how well our Memorial Day weekend show went, so they were excited to sign up. We had 3 vendors fill out their registration form and pay a deposit while we were at the show! Another vendor from that show signed up on Tuesday.  I feel that we’ll get even more signups in the days to come. 

There were some very unique booths at the show.  One booth was full of vintage clothing:

Another had printer’s type:

Vintage mixers:

Bruce Bishop brought Civil War items and will be setting up at the Antique Alley Antique Show in October:

Richard Waskow also signed up for our show. He has incredible bronze statues:

Earle Schrader signed up for our show and also has beautiful things:

Jane Reno had some beautiful vintage jewelry. She’ll be setting up at our October show too.

Last, but not least, was the awesome 60’s-70’s booth belonging to the Funtiques Market from Missouri.  The booth was so bright and colorful!

I really wasn’t planning on buying anything, but I just had to buy what could be the ugliest item in the whole show from the Funtiques booth: A cat decoupaged in orange fabric!

I like my new cat figurine so much that I’m considering making it my new website mascot for this blog.  Of course by the time I get around to a website redesign I’ll probably have found something else unique and silly to take the cat’s place, but it’s a fun thought for now. 🙂 

The trip was well worth it. We got the word out about the Antique Alley Antique Show that will be in October and had some fun finds. It definitely got me excited about our upcoming show!


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