Upcoming Estate Sales and Auctions for December 19 – 22

I haven’t heard of any sales for this weekend, but I have to tell you about my adventure last weekend! I’m probably the only person ever to successfully take an 18 month old and 5 year old to an auction and buy what I went for, but with sheer determination, everything falling into place, and the help of others (especially Wayne Marrs), I won some awesome stuff! I hadn’t planned to take the boys. I had childcare lined up and I found out Friday night that it wasn’t going to work out. I deliberated quite a bit, but finally decided to seize the day Saturday morning and take the boys on an adventure. The Good Stuff Auction took place in a home around a mile from my house, so I knew I could at least try and leave if the boys became too much. Here’s what caught my eye:

I absolutely love the blue opalescent Fenton pieces. I have a few pieces and hoped to add to my collection. I also had my eyes on some Northwood pieces and Vaseline glass. And that mirror! The mirror is the main reason I made everything happen. 

We arrived and everything fell into place. The glass I was interested in and the mirror were all in the front room. I originally had Joshua in a baby sling, but he weighs over 25 pounds now and my back and neck were killing me in the first 10 minutes. By the time bidding started I was carrying him without the sling and he was soon more than ready to be put down. He became noisy so I took the boys outside. Little Caleb and Joshua started playing in the flowerbed right outside the front door that was conveniently surrounded by thick shrubs with only one entrance. I found I could stand in the doorway and watch the boys and keep up with what was being auctioned, but I didn’t feel comfortable trying to bid and watch them. I had been visiting with Wayne Marrs and he offered to watch the boys while I bid on the glass. I honestly couldn’t have won what I did without his help! I won some great glass and that incredible mirror! Here’s what I got:

The best piece I got is the Northwood peacock sauce dish (top left). I’ve always wanted a piece with the peacock design and I was excited to get it! Here’s a closeup:

The other two candy dishes are Fenton pieces and the covered butter is by Imperial Glass.

The plates are Iris & Herringbone by Jeannette and the blue opalescent pieces are Fenton. I could have come home with even more great pieces, but I limited myself to one small box so I could manage the boys. I love auctions and I appreciate the opportunity to get to go to one. We stayed for less than an hour, but I am thrilled with my winnings. I hadn’t been to an auction in a home in years and it made me reminisce about the good ‘ole days when I’d go to them on almost a weekly basis. I’ve had so much fun over the years. I realized this week that this coming March will mark 10 years since I started the Ashley’s Finds blog!

I’m not sure if any estate sales will happen next weekend after Christmas. If I don’t hear about any sales, I will take next week off and not send an email out. If I hear about sales, I’ll probably send the email out late Wednesday or Thursday morning like usual. If I don’t send an email out next week, I hope you and your family have a merry Christmas and happy new year!

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  1. Hi Ashley,

    Thank you very much for everything you do for Estate Sales and Auctions. And also your wonderful stories. They are a hoot! Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas! and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! I hope to personally see you in the near future.

    Dodie Plata

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