Show & Tell Friday: Antique Postcards

For Show and Tell Friday, I would like to share part of my antique postcard collection. Each of these is from the years around 1900-1910. I recently purchased these off of eBay so I can use Paint Shop Pro to create original header logos and cutesy images to decorate this blog.  I got the idea from Itkupilli. I’m actually using a free background and header logo from her site right now, but I hope to change that once I get the hang of Paint Shop Pro.  Here are some of my postcards:
[svgallery name=”postcards”]

I’ve been learning how to “cut” images from these postcards.  I took this image from the first postcard in the above slide show:
I also cut this one from another of the above postcards:

Below is an example of what I’m learning how to do. I used images from 4 different postcards to create it. This logo is too rosey-y, but it’s the first one I’ve played with:

Itkupilli has a great tutorial on how to cut images on her blog. Click here to check it out.

Thanks for checking out my collection. Hopefully soon I’ll be cranking out logos, backgrounds, and more as I figure out what I’m doing! 🙂

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