Paper Dolls!

Last Saturday I got a super cool find at Bette Bogart’s estate sale: Paper Dolls – and something I had never really heard of – Paper Doll Houses!  Check out this grocery store:

The bottom of this stand says “Copyright 1923 by Libby, McNeill & Libby Chicago U.S.A. Made in U.S.A”, so this could be pretty old. It’s missing a shelf and the existing shelves are torn and tattered, but it’s still really neat.

Another neat item in the lot is this paper doll house.  Looks like it originally came with furniture, but all that’s left is the walls, floor and box lids.
None of my research yielded information about what year it’s from.  Age did reveal a mystery, though.  The “Toys that Teach” logo appears to have been put over a “Tiny Town” logo.  “Toys that Teach” overwrites anywhere “Tiny Town” used to be printed on the box.  I bet there’s an interesting story!

Too bad the furniture wasn’t still with this set! If it was, it would be worth a fortune. At least I got the house and floor:

I love the neat details!

Next I got some paper doll books. These are copyrighted 1932 by Stecher Litho. Co. in Rochester, NY.

I wonder if two sisters had these books and each gave their book their own special design.

And then there’s this “Peep-In Movie Book”. Never heard of these!

It’s missing most of its pieces, but the ones that are still around are intriguing:

Dicky Mouse? Mickey Mouse was created in 1928…

Looks like the The Arkansas Gazette Magazine was even into paper dolls. Katherine DeMille was featured in this edition:

And if this collection wasn’t enough, my aunt brought me some paper dolls to research their value at our July 4th get-together. These are so fun! She told me that the last few dolls are of celebrities, but I have no idea who they are yet.

Gotta love the repair job on the lady’s arm below. That would be tape on her elbow:

Any idea who these celebrities are? Please let me know by leaving a comment. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed viewing my new collecton of paper dolls and accessories. I had a blast putting them together to show them off.

I’m joining up with Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday:

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