A Good Reason to Shop My Antique Booths…

Remember a few posts ago where I said because of past mispricings of items for my antique booth that I always look things up before I price them? I lied. Actually, I got lazy. Whichever, I’m kicking myself again! Remember this piggy bank that was amongst things that weren’t “much of interest to me” at the auction in Camden?

Well, I should have been more interested.  That 5-gallon piggy bank was huge and taking up too much space in my front room, so last Friday I grabbed it on my way out the door to work and took it to Jenifer’s during my lunch break and slapped a $39.99 price tag on it. I originally thought I should price it $59.99, but when I realized how much room it took up in my booth, I quickly devalued it as I had to stick it in the Camark pottery molds and Grapette bottles display.

Today I went by the booth and the bank was gone! When items sell that fast I can usually guess that I messed up the price. I immediately called Mom and asked her what she would have priced it and her first question was, “Did you look it up?” Of course not, it’s a big glass bank with a plastic lid – how could that be rare?

Ends up this bank was made in 1976 by the Libbey glass company. On eBay, the bank that has a cork stopper for his nose sells for up to $129.99 plus $20-$30 shipping! I couldn’t find one with the plastic lid — I’m hoping at this point that the lid devalues it exponentially to make me feel better. lol.

I found this ad on the Libbey History website:

On a positive note, I’m sure I made the person’s day who purchased it.  I gotta let a few slip ever so often to keep my customers excited to come back and possibly find another goof-up! 😀

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