Business Liquidation Auction Winnings

I remembered to bring my camera with me to Do Drop In in Beebe on Sunday so I could take photos of some of the items I bought from the Marty’s gift shop liquidation that I went to a couple weeks ago. For the next few days you can see more items that I won at the auction on the left-hand side of this page where I have my eBay auctions listed.

I brought so much stuff to Do Drop In that I emptied out an etagere I already had there and just made one big display of the items.

Starting with the top shelf, I got these super fun magnets.

I got a few love and anniversary frames too:

I got some really pretty stationary, but these are the leftover letters like Q and Z, so I may have a hard time selling them. On top of the stationary are wedding photo envelopes.

These initial notebooks are so cute:

I won lots of invitation, thank you, and Christmas cards. These will be a buy for someone who’s in need of baby thank you cards, etc.

The plate is a tad silly. Check it out:

Then there’s these retirement mugs that I won in a lot. The larger one was $19.99 retail!

The tiles below have ribbon attached to them so they can be hung on the wall. They’re pretty cute!

I was even able to pick up some little Webkinz figurines. The auction had it all!

I love these adorable Halloween cards!!

I’ve never seen these before, but I think they’re brilliant: A take-out Menu organizer! Wouldn’t this be handy in your car or at your desk at work?

Last but not least, I got this pretty frame:

I also got lots of really nice Demdaco dishes, pretty MaggiB purses, expensive gorgeous angel figurines ($52 each retail!), Brighton accessories, coasters, and much much more! It was a really fun auction, but how could it not be when everything is going for pennies on the dollar of wholesale prices?!

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